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Beth Fields and Andrea Holmes have teamed up to create My Fairy Art Mother - a source for tips and advice for all those creatively inclined. Please check us out, give us a follow on Instagram, and share our account with anyone you think may enjoy a dose of inspiration! We look forward to publishing our book on art mentorship and the power of the individual artist’s journey and welcome the opportunity to serve as Fairy Art Mothers to those needing a boost of support on their own creative path. 


Beth Fields

Beth Fields is potter, acrylic and encaustic mixed media painter, who also creates Artfully Remade Journals and handstitched pieces with vintage themes. After growing up in the North Dallas suburbs, Beth received a BA from Eugene Lang College in NYC, NY and a MEd from Boston College, which gave her the chance to walk around and admire the buildings of New York and New England for seven years.  Two years of living in London gave an even wider variety of buildings to marvel at across the UK and Europe.   Beth is delighted to live now in the beautiful McKinney Historic District, though she misses having the chance to ride trains on a regular basis.  Beth is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and has received extensive training in multiple coaching platforms.  When not creating art, Beth is dedicated to her yoga practice and Jazzercise obsession.  She is a voracious traveler who takes pictures of doorknobs wherever she goes.  

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Andrea Holmes

Andrea Holmes is a painter and mural artist. Her studio is location in McKinney, Texas in a historic Cotton Mill building. She is known as the "bird lady" for her series of over 100 bird paintings. Andrea's painting journey started in 2010 when she took a night class at the local community college. She has had several amazing teachers that pushed her to grow as an artist. Andrea loves to seek out travel opportunities and culinary adventures.  At any given time she is nurturing a wide array of plants and looking for something to stream on Netflix.  Andrea opened an Etsy shop in 2013, and has been creating, selling, and teaching classes ever since! 

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Do you need a Fairy Art Mother?

Becoming an artist can be a complicated and confusing journey. Trust me, I know. There are so many things that we have learned, and we love to share our shortcuts with other artists! Sure there are online classes, blogs, videos, and articles you could read or watch (which we did too), but the benefit of having a one-on-one mentorship is that you get to talk about the individual needs of your creative business and we work together to help it grow.

Instagram 101

Learn how to use Instagram, get the most out of hashtags, create stories, reels, and grow your audience.


Create a brand that is true to you and work on creating cohesive marketing materials. We will define your your audience, discover your brand voice, and learn how to create a consistent look. Then we will look at different ways to implement your brand into marketing materials such as business cards, postcards, social media posts, and more.

Facebook 101

Learn how to use Facebook to grow your business, post, create events, grow your following, and make ads. 

Building a Website / Shop

Want to have a website, but not sure how to get started? I can teach you how to create an easy and FREE* online website and online store using Square.


Social media is not the only way to market your creative business. Let me teach you how to create a healthy ecosystem of marketing with emails, promotional materials, and networking.

Selling Your Work

Not sure how to price your work, make prints, or where to sell? Let me help you find the best avenues of income for your creative business!

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